4M 40 LED Party Fairy Butterflies Lights Battery Operated LED

  • $19.99


LED can save 70% energy and have 4 times the life of similar incandescent string lights
Total 40 LED bulbs and 40 Butterflies .

Two operating modes(Which you can choose with a switch):

  • Steady Mode: all the bulbs are on permanently
  • Twinkling Mode: all the bulbs blink at the same time (on-FLASH-off-on-FLASH-off...), about twice in a second.
  • Color: white
  • Cable length: 4 meters
  • Completely portable
  • LED Color: Multicolour
  • Operates on 3x AA batteries (not including)


  • Party, Wedding, Holiday, Hotel, Window, Club, Garden, Dancing and so on.

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