16 Feet 300 LED Waterproof Light Strip With IR Remote Control

  • $19.99


The light strip has 300 LED lights that shine RGB lights that you can control with your remote. There are 4 modes; strobe, fade, flash and smooth. You can choose from a variety of colors or have a party like an effect with the multi-colored effect. It looks great in any room of the house for a calm and warm effect as well. The lights definitely are a beautiful addition to the decor of your room. The strip is a flexible strip for having to curve around bends & durable quality. If you would like there is an option for a self-adhesive tape on the reverse side for easy attachment.

Colors: red, blue, green and multi-colored
Modes: 4 different types; strobe, fade, flash and smooth
Length: 16 feet
Power source: plugs into your wall outlet

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