ABEDOE 2pcs Reuseable Non-stick Mat Pan Fry Liner Sheet Cooking Wok Sheet Pad Kitchen BBQ Baking Mats 33x40cm Cooking Tool BBQ

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The anti-adhesive particularly good, smooth surface, easy to adhere to any substance. Attached to the surface of a variety of easy to clean grease, dirt, etc.

To prevent grease matter in the baking process overflowed onto the pile at the bottom of the oven.

Size can be tailored to your requirements. Can be used repeatedly.

Can be used in a dishwasher safe, non-toxic, safe for contact with food, and a preservative function.

The heat resistance, continuous use in the environment of -70 ~ 260 Celsius.

Nonstick surface is coated with Teflon PTFE, very smooth, easy stick food.

Easy to clean, rinse with water, dry it.

Long life, can be used repeatedly, at least 100 times.

Safety, has passed SGS, FDA food-grade testing and certification of food harmless.



Material: Plastic

Quantity: 2 sheet

Item Color: Black, yellow

Size: Black sheet: 40*33cm / 15.7*13"

Yellow sheet: 34*23cm / 13.4*9.1"

Net Weight: 0.04kg / 1.4z

How to use:

1. Use scissors to cut the grill mat desired size and shape.

2. On the pot, pan or other container top.

3. Put food on grilled platters.

4. Once cooked food, etc., cool, then remove the grill pad washed water.

5. Barbecue pad can be used repeatedly.

Tips: Black part and more for the grill, the yellow part used for baking.



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