Car Air Purifier Ionizer

  • $26.99


Efficiently remove the smoke, dust, and PM2.5 pollutants in the air. Help to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, prevent disease. Eliminate the car leather, gasoline and other odors. Decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful chemicals. Refreshing, relieve fatigue and symptoms of motion sickness. Equip with home power conversion socket, can be used in indoor environment. Easy to use, just plug in this small car air ionizer in your 12V car socket or in to the. Included 12V electricity home adapter if you want to use it indoors.

• Voltage: 12V / DC ( car cigarette lighter )
• Consumption power: Less then 0.8W
• Aeroanion concentration: 3800000 pcs / cubic centimeters
• Usable area: 15 square meters
• Diameter: 23m

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