Hair Iron Holster - Assorted Colors

  • $14.99



This lifesaver that is completely heat resistant holds your tools while they’re heating up, during styling, and while they’re cooling down. A must have if you own any type of hair iron. Plus this is space efficient and doesn’t take up your whole countertop!


    • Specially formulated silicone clings to any smooth, non-porous surface.
    • The surface and your Hot Iron Holder should be CLEAN and DRY for maximum grip.
    • Press the flap onto your sink or countertop and it will firmly grip the surface.
    • Lift up to easily remove.
    • The Hot Iron Holster does not use adhesives or suction cups and does not permanently attach to your bathroom fixtures.
    • The stickiness of the flap is a permanent feature and will not wear off.
    • Dirt and lint may reduce performance but can be easily removed by rinsing with water or cleaning with rubbing alcohol.
    • The Hot Iron Holster will cling to any smooth, non-porous surface including tile, wood, laminate, granite, metal, glass, vinyl, porcelain, plastic, leather and more!
    • Heat-resistant: made of 100% silicone material with a heat-resistant from 30 to 120-degree centigrade, the heat won't affect its good function

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