Handmade Fine Tooth No Static Green Sandalwood Pocket Hair Beard Mustache Comb

  • $9.99


  • Materials:   Sandalwood/Peach Wood/Green Sandalwood
  • Tooth of Comb: Fine Toothed Comb
  • Color:  Natural
  • Product Size: 
  • Sandalwood Close tine comb :17cm* 5cm
  • Peach Wood Close tine comb :15cm* 5cm
  • Green Sandalwood:18.5cm* 5cm
  • Green Sandalwood Wide tooth comb:9.8cm* 6.8cm(Variation 0.2-2cm)
  • Gender:  Unisex
  • Usage:  Hair Comb,Mustache and Beard Comb
  • Hair Type: Curly Hair, Straight Hair, Beard,Long Hair, Artificial Hair
  • Efficacy: Hair Health, Hair Care, Anti Static, Reducing Hairloss
  • Users: Men, Woman,Olderly, Children
  • Production Process:  Handwork
  • Include: 1pcs handmade comb


About Horn Hair Comb

Horn Hair comb is made of natural horn, including buffalo horn, ox horn, yak horn, sheep horn etc..., the traditional manual making process is still engaged in production; The horn hair comb is good hand feeling as a jade, body is thick, mellow with full color, and it is anti static.

Horn hair  comb is texture firm, not easy to bend crack, hurtles to the skin and the hair, good effect on hair; by using horn hair comb daily, it helps to massage scalp and brain nerves, promote blood circulation, and relax the tension and fatigue effect of emotion.

There are more than 20 operations involved in the production of horn hair comb, including sorting, sawing, flattening, marking, trimming, shaping, squaring, smoothing, sharpening, pearl beading, beading and shaping the back of the hair comb, sanding and polishing and etc, the majorly work is made by manpower, there are not more that 15 horn comb made by a experienced worker a day,  and every horn hair comb is unique, the horn hair comb your receive may slightly differ from the picture in color and pattern, Please be aware of that!


Each comb has own uniqe wood lines, and according to the lighting issue during photograph, so the product you receive may be slightly different from the pictures in colours.

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