Magic Water-Balloon Maker Sets

  • $9.99


The product comes ready to use; no preparation necessary,
no need to attach the water balloons,
no need to twist the balloons after it’s filled up (rubber bands tied)
Spend all your time having fun!


  • Think of all the amazing water balloon fights you’ll have with your friends and family. It takes seconds to fill it up and easily closed with the elastic that’s attached to the balloon (no need to twist it). Each set comes with over 100 water balloons (3 packs of 37 water balloons). 


  • Step 1 Attach to the hose (specific attachment comes with the product
  • Step 2 Turn on the faucet (only takes seconds to fill up)
  • Step 3 Throw the balloon (avoid strangers, friends, and family only)

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