Portable Electric Shoe Dryer

  • $43.88

1. Shoe dryer is drying, eliminate bad odor and sanitize shoes!
2. It can protect your shoes from humidity, eliminate odors caused by sweat and bacteria and prevent the growth of mold.
3. Keep your Shoes, Boots, Gloves and Hats dry all the time.
4. Fits in most types of footwear; will not damage your shoes, and fits easily into many kinds of shoes.
5. It warmer the shoe round 360 degree!
6. Precise temperature control, to prevent over heating!

1. Please place damp shoes into this shoes cabinet dryer. Slight damp shoes may take up to one hour for it to dry, and for wet shoes, it will take up more than three hours, and otherwise you can leave the wet shoes in overnight for drying.
2. Please placed this product on the ground away from any flammable materials!
3. Do not pull the power cord directly.
4. Please pay attention to the ventilation when drying, do not dry shoes in a multiple layer.
5. When you find only one drier is working, stop use that any more.

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