Car Cane - Vehicle Emergency Tool

  • $14.99

Car Cane helps you get in and out of your car with ease! Car Cane as seen on TV is the portable handle that slide into your door latch and locks in place, the non-slip grip handle provides secure grip and the leverage you need to lift yourself up. Withstands up to 350 pounds of pressure yet it’s compact enough to be stored in door pocket or glove box. Features built-in flashlight. The Car Cane is ideal for seniors who suffer from body pain and stiffness, and anyone who has chronic pain due to a medical condition or is recovering from an injury. Even if you're perfectly healthy, if you live in an area that gets icy in the winter, Car Cane can be used to help prevent slips and falls.

• Comes with a built in led flashlight, a seat-belt cutter and window breaker, flashlight for extra visibility at night. Such a great multi-use safety tool for any car.
• Light weight and sturdy, perfect size and stores easily in your door pocket or glove box.
• Non slip grip, comfortable to hold, easily stand from your car without falling.
• Brand new, top quality, perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone who needs mobility assistance.
• Universal, fits most strikers, no vehicle modification required.

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