Vacuum Sealer Kit

  • $19.99


Keep your food, fruits,vegetables fresher for longer with the Vacuum Food Sealer. This amazing food sealer prevents freezer burn, preserves natural flavors, and marinates food faster! 


  • SUPER VALVE COMBINATION - Package includes 1 pump, 1 clip and 5 heavy duty, BPA free, different size vacuum seal storage bags which are refrigerate, freeze safe that meet all your daily requirement.
  • EXCELLENT SEAL PERFORMANCE - Reinforced double zipper ensures an airtight seal, strong, multi-ply material keeps all the food inside fresh up to 5 x Longer. And for each handy food vacuum sealer system we send a clip to help you seal the bag easily.
  • REUSABLE AND INEXPENSIVE - Seal meat, vegetables, snacks, cereal, and fruit etc. to keep them fresh longer. It can be reused time and time again.
  • EASY OPERATING - Few seconds to done the job. To seal your food, simply click the valve on to any bag. Seal the bag by locking a seal across the top. Next, attach the pump to the valve, and use the manual pump to vacuum out the air. The bag is now vacuum sealed and the food within will be better preserved.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY - Removes harmful air from any freezer vacuum sealer storage bags, prevents freezer burn, preserves natural flavors, marinates food faster. And it help to reduce freezer burn and waste and to preserve all food freshness.
  • Bags are made of PA+PE, BPA free.
  • Clear bag design, easy to pick out the food you want.
  • 5 different size bags perfect for you to meet your daily demand.

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